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As a build and design expert I have worked on transforming and regenerating 24 empty spaces and empty shops within the community including shops, empty homes, heritage buildings and worked on the largest road scheme in Wales A465.


Working with leading experts Michelle Mone MBE, Kevin McCloud, Sir Richard Branson and Boris Johnson.

Transforming Spaces: Design Factor is a unique roadshow that re-builds empty spaces and empty shops. It acts like DIY SOS with the overall aim of encouraging young people to learn new skills and training helping to progress into careers within the industry. We work in communities that most need our help and so far we have filmed eight episodes of the programme. Reaching more than 20 million globally and directly up skilling more than 7,000 young people and community members.


Promoting equality and diversity cross sector is important to economic business growth. My work is multi award winning and features on BBC, ITV and C4.




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As an award winning social entrepreneur I enjoy working in the construction industry on community based projects. Working on Transforming Spaces: Design Factor featured on ITV. Actively I support young people and community members into work placements, volunteering, starting up and growing businesses. My port folio has over 200 businesses.   Personally I am passionate about developing people to thrive and accelerate their growth and I enjoy working in the construction and housing industry through re-building empty spaces and empty shops with high quality, innovative design.


Encouraging others to think big and follow their dreams.

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